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$10,000 Matching Grant Available with Your Help

Tuesday, August 21st, 2007

August 21st, 2007

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If you had the opportunity to double your power to end mountaintop removal coal mining, would you take it?

Right now, you can. Between now and September 16th, and Hanes are offering up to $10,000 in matching funds to 6 non-profits who receive the largest number of financial contributions.

That means that right now, you can double your contribution to Every $5 becomes $10, $25 becomes $50, and $100 becomes $200 — but only if you take action.

Can you contribute any amount you can afford today — to double your impact in helping to end mountaintop removal coal mining?

In the 11 months since we launched, people like you have played a critical role in growing the movement to end mountaintop removal coal mining.

To date, more than 21,000 people have joined us on, and tens of thousands more have used Google Earth to witness the devastated remains of more than 470 destroyed mountains in America through the National Memorial for the Mountains.

That awareness has translated into political progress — we now have more support in Congress for the Clean Water Protection Act (which would sharply limit mountaintop removal coal mining) than ever before.

But as successful as the last year has been, we have plans in the next year to bring even more attention to the issue of mountaintop removal coal mining. We’re convinced that Americans would never allow mountains to be destroyed forever for short-term energy needs — they just don’t know what is happening right now in Appalachia.

With your support, we can change that. Your contribution to Appalachian Voices today will go directly to bringing more people to, and will help fund new developments to the website that will show how energy companies across America are contributing to mountaintop removal coal mining.

Please, contribute today. Even a $10 donation puts us on the road to receiving this critical matching grant:

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4 Responses to “$10,000 Matching Grant Available with Your Help”

  1. Allan Ihrer Says:

    I’m trying to find out where/who/when/what/how to send in comments on the mountaintopping regulations that Bush Administration just put under a “comment period”. It would be good if this info. was in a prominent place on your website, so we might send it around. Donated to you this evening. Good luck to you all.
    Allan Ihrer

  2. agostino bola Says:

    to whome it may concern…i love mountains as much or more than the next guy…but i wonder how many of you are actually doing something positive to end the mining…how many of you link the mining to your own lifestyles…how many of you refuse to use your a/c units or your heaters…or your tvs…before blaming our representatives and asking for donations to stop this, try starting at the root level…you and i…turn off your television…light a candle while you read…follow the rules of nature…rise and retire with the sun…what a concept…yours truly…agostino bola

  3. Mary Anne Hitt Says:

    Hi Allan – We will be sending out information ASAP about commenting on the Bush administration ruling, as soon as our groups have had time to fully analyze the new rule. That information will be posted on the front page and will also be emailed to everyone in the iLoveMountains network, so stay tuned!

  4. david kuenneke Says:

    Save the planet!

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