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114,597 people have already pledged to help end mountaintop removal.
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Introducing: The New Faces of iLoveMountains

Late last year, you heard from Ann League in Tennessee about a great victory for our mountains. And earlier in the Fall, Kentucky’s Stanley Sturgill invited you to take action to protect Appalachian’s water. These new voices are a part of our continued efforts here at to bring you stories and critical actions directly from Appalachian leaders themselves. This new year, we’d like to introduce you to these new voices and invite you to welcome them!

Recent News:

The Human Cost of Coal

<>Check out our interactive health mapping feature that shows residents living near mountaintop removal coal mining suffer higher cancer rates and have shorter life spans than other citizens.

Protect Appalachia's Water from Mountaintop Removal

Half-measures are unacceptable when the health of entire communities are on the line. Tell the EPA to issue legally binding standards for conductivity under the Clean Water Act.


What's Your Connection To Mountaintop Removal?

Hold Government Accountable
for the WV Water Crisis

On January 9, a chemical spill poisoned the drinking water for over 300,000 people in West Virginia, an event which would likely have been avoided by regulatory oversight and proper inspection. Sign our petition asking the Obama Administration to hold state leaders accountable for failing to protect the drinking water of its own citizens.

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