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Protect Appalachia’s Water from Mountaintop Removal

In the wake of a devastating chemical spill in West Virginia and decades of damaged water from mountaintop removal mining and other coal industry abuses, citizens are taking action.

In Central Appalachia, state politicians have tied the hands and budgets of regulatory officials to conduct meaningful water-quality oversight. What’s more, loose federal EPA guidances have proven to be unenforceable and make little difference on the ground. We need a federal rule that supersedes the corruption of state politicians and that has enough teeth to make a real difference in Appalachian communities.

It’s time to act. The EPA holds the keys to protecting Appalachia’s health. Let’s show them we won’t stand by while any American is forced to drink polluted water!

Tell the EPA that Appalachians need new water safeguards from an industry that’s run amok.

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