Oct 26th » 
Claims in Grimes's new campaign ad already had been proven to be false - Washington Post

Oct 25th » 
WVU study links mountaintop mining to lung cancer - Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

Oct 24th » 
Mountaintop removal now linked to over 60000 new cancers - DigitalJournal.com

Oct 23rd » 
Editorial: Mountaintop removal gets another strike against it - The Independent

Oct 22nd » 
At state park, fight is on to stop mountaintop removal - People's World

Oct 22nd » 
The dirty effects of mountaintop removal mining - Washington Post

Oct 20th » 
Mountaintop Removal Linked to Cancer - Care2.com

Oct 17th » 
Study Ties Mountaintop Removal Mining Dust To Increased Risk Of Lung Cancer - ThinkProgress

Oct 2nd » 
More Bad News For Coal: Mountaintop Removal Nixed By Court - CleanTechnica

Oct 1st » 
Court upholds EPA veto in mountaintop removal mining case - The Hill