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Go Tell It on the Mountain
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Go Tell it on the Mountain

Dear Creator

Thursday, August 10th, 2006

Melissa Gee is the assistant director of OASIS (Opposing Abuse with Service, Information and Shelter) in Boone, North Carolina, and a West Virginia native.

Your Handiwork, which You called good, exists only for and through You, but I thank you for the joy and protection we receive from Your amazing works.

The beauty of these mountains leaves me breathless and full of peace. Every tree, stream, and mountain is exactly where you have placed it. Your all-knowing hand molded this land perfectly. Although we may never know the reasons behind your plan, help us remember that we are living as part of Your Creation.

Lord please forgive us for pillaging and not holding dear what belongs to you. I pray that you will open the eyes and hearts of your children and help us turn away from the sin of destruction and use wisely the resources which you have entrusted to us.

Through the Prince of Peace I pray,

6 Responses to “Dear Creator”

  1. ASU Student Says:

    So, where are people supposed to live? I understand that the mountains are very important to us, but our population is growing at a very rapid rate and people will always need places to live. What if Appalachian State doubles in size over the next 10 years? Boone can’t handle all of the university’s needs as it is now. These mountains that are home to numerous wildlife species will be gone one day if this keeps up. It’s sad that they are taking our mountains, but I think this site needs to be dedicated to a solution, rather than stating the obvious.

    Of course you can pray, but that really doesn’t do much good. Either God listens but chooses not to act, or he can’t hear you praying to him. Either way, people will continue to tear down the mountains at an ever-growing rate unless someone stops them. If you want to do something about it, DO SOMETHING, please!

  2. Nanette Nelson Says:

    At this point Divine intervention is all that is going to help. We are past humans doing anything to stop this. Corruption and money make the rules, not decent folks. God is the only one that can change the hearts of those who allow this to happen.

  3. James Greenwood Says:

    Development/increased population is inevitable. SENSIBLE, RESPONSIBLE development is key.

  4. Deborah Deatherage Says:

    I believe that with God all things are possible. We also need to spread the word about our beloved mountains being destroyed along with our sincere prayers.

  5. Sallie Kate Park Says:

    God may have created the mountains and all nature, but it is people who are destroying it. Moutaintop removal is not a matter of a growing population. It is a matter of a cheaper way to get to coal. Had we humans been more committed to alternative energy (solar, wind, etc) sooner, and especially, if we humans were willing to start conserving energy, if we had the fortitude to oppose this destruction of not only mountains but also the streams and lands downstream, then this would stop. Protest not pray! Take action and educate.

  6. Sallie Kate Park Says:

    God may have created mountains and all nature but it is humans who are destroying it. This is not a matter of population growth but a desire to reach coal more cheaply and easily! If we humans had been more willing to seek alternative energy earlier, if we each were willing to conserve, if we valued our planet Earth, then this senseless destruction of mountains, and nearby streams and land would not be permitted. Protest not pray! Take action and educate.

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