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Go Tell it on the Mountain

Let Justice Roll

Saturday, August 12th, 2006

Allen Johnson, an evangelical Christian, is co-founder of the West Virginia-based nonprofit organization Christians for the Mountains.

Let Your Justice, O God, be the flood that sweeps through besotted valleys,
Righteousness whose blast shatters the mountain air,
Truth whose echoes never fade,
Peace in this land.

How long, O Lord, must your mountains die their thousand deaths?
And choked streams suffocate under mud?
What, O Creator, of slurry brewing its toxic stew?
While cold Mammon rules our way?

Arise, Mighty God, deliver us from this march to death!
Infuse us with bold resolve that trumpets Your justice!
Feed us hope, water us faith,
Create in us courage for truth.

For you did not create Your wondrous creation for defilement,
Nor man and woman for money and profit
You created mountains not to topple,
Nor Your valleys to cloak.

Let Your Justice, O God, pour through us that we might be healers of the waters,
And Your Righteousness, O God, live in us that your mountains tower tall.
May Your words ring truth with our tongues,
Your peace a light for our eyes.

3 Responses to “Let Justice Roll”

  1. Nancy Whalen Says:

    Thank you, Allen, for this beautiful prayer. I met you in Shepherdstown last year on Earth Day and hold you and the work you do close to my heart. May God bless you and keep you.

  2. DanielBellavance Says:

    I am an evangelical Christian who enjoys Gods creation. We are to be good stewards of the earth. I am not only spreading the Good News but also want to share with as many as possible as to where He has led me thus far, regarding the environment. Please pray and allow the Holy Spirit to confirm to you what my web page offers.
    The product reduces harmful emissions, save money on fuel cost, home heating oil and comes in the form of a pill.
    I know perhaps what one may think right about now, but please have some due dilligence and research everything thoroughly. I am confident you will be pleased. We are 200,000 strong in only 2 years time.
    It has been tested by governments around the world, and is now being shipped to over 220 countries and territories.
    Please see the opportunity and how it may help spread the Good News too!
    Be blessed,
    Daniel Bellavance

  3. stan Says:


    WV is my home state and the mountains bring me renewal.
    I am a follower and desire to integrate my faith in to how I love justly.
    Thanks for the prayer. I grew up near Hedgesville. Is Shepherdstown home?

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