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Copenhagen, Charleston, and Coal River Mountain

Monday, December 7th, 2009

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Today, the confluence between mountaintop removal coal mining and climate change is front and center on the streets of Charleston, West Virginia and on stage at the “COP15” United Nations Climate Summit in Copenhagen.

In Charleston, activists from around the region are gathering in front of the West Virginia Department of Environmental Protection headquarters to demand an end to blasting at Coal River Mountain — ground zero in the fight against mountaintop removal coal mining.

And in Copenhagen, Google is unveiling a new layer in Google Earth that dramatically illustrates the choice to be made at Coal River Mountain — a choice between a clean energy future and the increased threat of climate change.

Click here to watch the YouTube video that Google will be showing at Copenhagen:

As Lorelei Scarbro, who lives in Rock Creek, West Virginia, at the foot of Coal River Mountain, says in the video, Coal River Mountain represents a crossroads in our future.

Massey Energy plans to mine more than 6000 acres of mountaintop at Coal River Mountain, which would destroy the opportunity to build a 320 megawatt wind farm on the ridges of Coal River Mountain.

Instead of 320 megawatts of clean energy that would power more than 70,000 homes indefinitely, Massey’s plans would release 134 million tons of C02 — the equivalent of putting 1.5 million more cars on the road for 17 years.

That’s what makes Coal River Mountain a “cauldron of Climate Change,” in Lorelei’s words. That’s why Google is showing millions of Google Earth users and the delegates in Copenhagen what’s at stake at Coal River Mountain, and why people from around the region are gathering today in Charleston.

Can you stand with the activists in Charleston and the delegates in Copenhagen today by taking two simple actions?

1. Watch the Coal River Mountain Video and forward it to your friends and family. Ask them to join you in stopping mountaintop removal coal mining by signing up at

2. Email your Senators and tell them to pass the Appalachian Restoration Act. If Congress is serious about addressing climate change, we need this bill to dramatically reduce mountaintop removal coal mining, which is a major contributor to greenhouse gas emissions.

Thank you for taking a moment today to help secure a clean energy future for all of us.

Matt Wasson

2 Responses to “Copenhagen, Charleston, and Coal River Mountain”

  1. Roberta Dees Says:

    Did that.

    Here’s what I am sending out:
    Google Earth has produced a dozen videos for the Copenhagen Climate Negotiations and posted them as Explore Climate Change in Google Earth.

    Please check out the excellent video entitled “Harnessing Coal River Wind in Appalachia.” It shows the bad – mountaintop removal, and the good – wind farm. It makes the choice seem, well, obvious!

  2. Lyn Says:

    Yes, let’s wind power and sustainable living….and the EPA working for communities, along with the government/legislators supporting energy sources that don’t kill the land and the people! Dr. Vindana Shiva ( ) is right…”I think Giai didn’t want us to play with fossil fuels that’s why she stuck them so far under ground”. Thanks all of you who have gone to DC, made films, started petitions, and made the country more aware of the true cost of fossil fuels esp. coal!!!!!

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