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the earth was once a playground

Wednesday, July 11th, 2007

a poem submitted by:

the earth was once a playground
not ours
not matter what belief
before us there were animals
there was sun

it is not for us to dishevel
you would not want someone to harm you
let us not be hypocrites
and indulge in what earth has given us
from the beginning
mother nature cannot live on life support

One Response to “the earth was once a playground”

  1. Lowell Michalove, Phd Says:

    FREE Alternative Energy Available NOW : CONSERVATION !
    America Wastes over 70% of the Energy it Consumes.
    Our hedonist energy waste is pervasive and tragic !
    (1) 100’s of millions of lights burn unnecessary during the day and night.
    (2) We over heat and over cool our homes, businesses, offices, schools, churches, etc……….
    (3) Most Americans do not minimize their driving. Road congestion is horrendous.
    (4) America’s obsession with road construction is the ultimate contradiction.

    The ONLY way to eliminate over demand and energy waste is by using the economic impact of taxing energy. Only with a substantial and tangible dollar reward/consequence, will Americans care to conserve.
    Until the price of gas is $4 to $6 per gallon, Americans will not reduce their over consumption and energy waste. Crude oil needs to be taxed at $200 per barrel(55 gal) and ‘offset’ by making Federal Income Tax begin at $60k.
    In the mean time, the USA continues to give away its economic and political wealth to maintain our hedonist energy waste.
    Ford and General Motors continue toward bankruptcy. Hence, they must transition to the lucrative business of building solar and wind ‘energy producers’ for the world’s 6.7 BILLION people reason$. The world cannot continue to support all the automakers.
    Mass transit must become FREE, SAFE, CLEAN, and CONVENIENT, thereby rewarding those who reduce their driving.
    Global warming continues to increase with our persistent waste and overuse of fossil fuels.
    The incentives necessary to create sustainable and renewable energy supplies will ONLY occur when we implement the economics of TAXING ENERGY.

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