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A Call To Humanity

Monday, March 23rd, 2009

Submitted by Rev. Kait Delapoer

Be at peace now
Still the heart, the mind, the spirit
Be certain and clear and remember her now
She is our mother, our life support, our blessing
Breathe her essence into your heart and hold on
Release her love through gratitude
Know that she will survive

Be at peace now
Still the heart, the mind, the spirit
Be certain and clear and remember now
The preciousness of all life
Breathe this memory into your heart and hold on
Release this thoughtform through gratitude
Know that this will not be forgotten, however…

Blessed Humanity Please Be Concerned:

Remember the preciousness of all life! We are only as healthy and as vibrant as the blessed earth beneath our feet.  Honor the earth and remember that she too, Is a being of life.  She is a living breathing, being of life who has not been honored by mankind.  When we honor the earth, we honor ourselves.  When we dishonor the earth through destruction we dishonor ourselves by limiting future generations the opportunity of experiencing natural beauty.  The earth offers humanity the gift of multi-dimensional wisdom through experiencing its magnificent natural beauty.  Through spirit the human sensory system is capable of accessing this sacred wisdom and beauty.  You might say that this is a type of technology that will never be available for future generations if mankind continues to destroy the earth.  The earth is our salvation.  Remember her every day as the mother of humanity.  Is this anyway to treat your beloved mother?  Time is of the essence now.  We must not stop or hesitate or even pause for a moment without knowing that it is our responsibility to take action on behalf of the earth.  If humanity becomes complacent and forgetful, the luxury of hesitation will turn into a motherless child.  Bless this earth now with presence of mind and insist that your voice be heard.

Bless all humanity!

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