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A Prayer Call to Act

Wednesday, October 18th, 2006

Contributed by NuLiForm

Don’t know about you, but i pray Fervently that mankind comes to their senses. After the Resurection, as He was leaving them, the Apostals asked Yeshua, “Where can we find you?? He simply replied, “Look for me in the Wood.? He did not say look for me in any church, with walls. Mankind has never understood this.

Yeshua always taught that All life Needs all other life to survive in this beautiful world which sustains us, that we are All interdependent upon each other, and must Accept each other, Co-exist, man, beast, every living thing, according to Yahwey’s plan. Mankind has never understood this.

We were All created by Yahwey, and All are Loved by Yahwey. Mankind has never understood this either.

Who are We to decide what life is more worthy than any other? Somehow, i got it, and from the very first time I was taught to pray, I prayed for All living creatures and the world upon which we all live. Walking the talk, I made it my life’s mission to help others ‘get it’ too.

We are the ‘oddballs’ you see on street corners and wooded lots, protesting clearcutting, mining, extinction, talking about Respecting the Earth and our fellow creatures. We push the envelope and ruffle a lot of feathers by pestering governments and business to be reasonable. We teach anyone who will listen how to do the same, and why we should never give up.

The Time has Come, and nearly Gone, for mankind to understand. One has only to Sincerely care, open their eyes and look around to see this is true and happening Now. The world is changing, re-arranging, right before our very eyes, and we in our ignorance, arrogance, and silence, are rushing this upheaval with our toxic, all consuming, thoughtless Greed.

Soon Yahwey will simply scratch us up as another loss and start over, as is the Natural game plan for All worlds. Then, mankind will not need to understand anymore, because mankind will cease to exist… as it should be if mankind is so defective as that. Look around you my friend, the mountains really are crumbling into the sea.

Pray, yes, pray our hearts out, but obviously we Must do More than that if we are to Change anything.

Pretty words and poetic prose look nice and make us smile, but they do little more than that. The clock is ticking down Fast. Yeshua also taught us to Act against injustice, to Help, and Protect the less able, remember? What would Yeshua say to us Now? Can you hear him? If not, maybe you are not looking in the right place.

5 Responses to “A Prayer Call to Act”

  1. miss terry jarvis Says:

    This is great , thank you


    I am older now, but when I think of the best times in my life they are when I was at one with nature. I sit here in tears thinking of how the beautiful hills of northern Alabama have been torn down, left for decades and never reclaimed.When I was young I would walk and talk with God, thanking Him for the wonderful earth He gave to us, to enjoy as I did, as my children should have. But they only have “parks” or campgrounds to get back to what they think nature is. We had a river, we would swim from May until October, then learned to ski, watching the beauty fly by as I heard the wind whistiling, but silence in my heart, again to be one with God, nature, beauty, so many wonderful joys we took for granted. But there is a river no more. The fish can’t be eaten. The children at school found so much filth, they will never again get into the water. My heart breaks, just as we begin to mobilize, start to clean the rivers, the woods, we are just wasting time as the coal companies find a new way to destroy God’s creation. Digging coal right out of the bottom of the river. Just think of all the money that could be made! We don’t even need coal anymore. But so many apthetic people, the same ones who call His name on Sundays, “Oh Yes Lord! Praise His Name! You should be ashamed not to praise His Holy Creation. Our earth was made not just as a place to build your house. It is a home itself. The most beautiful Home, and He gave it to us to keep, to use intelligently, to keep it clean just as we would our homes, not to exploit and destroy with no thought for the future. I was one of the last lucky children. For hours I walked, sometimes taking my flute, knowing no one would be screaming to shut up. To float in an innertube in the late afternoon sun. To find an unexpected “waterfall” between two hills. Maybe no one had seen before, except, of course, Him. Knowing many loved this earth and treated it with such respect, because we saw it as a home. His Home. My Home. He knew the joy we felt in our hearts, and I would thank Him. Now I cry. I cry for the children, so afraid our efforts will be nothing. But when He comes, He will know who loved His Creation, and who only used it up to have what? If you destroy the earth for greed, what will you do with your money? Without beauty, money is so very useless. Please, Please, I beg of you who would destroy our rivers, oceans, forests, please stop and look. Think of your own children, grandchildren. Think of what will be waiting for you when your time on this earth is over. All the money in the world will do you no good. Please, talk to God this moment. Go to your knees, open your heart. He will make you wealthy beyond your wildest dreams. We really can have this world healthy again, but we will have to join together and act quickly. It is possible, like the Bible says. Anything, with God, is possible. Let’s make our world the tribute it should be to our Lord. And to ourselves. So much beauty. So much joy. Open your hearts and feel alive again. I’ll do all I can. Please, will you? Francine Gwin Hueytown, Alabama

  3. Brandom Says:

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