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I Just can’t believe it

Wednesday, October 18th, 2006

Contributed by Dan Siler of Robbinsville, NC

As I grew up here in NC, mining and hard rock jobs were a common part of my life. I was a part of 4 generations. First, I worked the jack legs underground, then I graduated to operating the air tracks above ground and learned to use powder.

Now, building a beautiful road for others to see Gods handiwork is one thing. But the absolute and total removal of a mountaintop is wrong. I don’t care whose standards you judge by. Coal will always play out. My Mom was born in Welch, West Va. and her whole family wound up moving as big coal played out. I have made many trips outta the hole just to watch the power go off. I helped load and seen the tops of mountaintop quarries be removed. And how long, how long before it all lands here in N.C.

I just hope there are those who will forgive me for destroying nature. I hope our creator does!

2 Responses to “I Just can’t believe it”

  1. Elaine Tanner Says:

    It appears you have seen the light of your ways, all is forgiven. Please let others know the way.

  2. Pat Pickren Says:

    You have found the truth about this devastation and are sorry for what you have done, and I can’t imagine anyone holding you accountable now that you’re on the right side of this issue. Most everyone loves a humble person.

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