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Mountaintop Removal Blogger's Challenge

Did you know that they're blowing up our mountains RIGHT NOW? Though too many mountains and communities have been lost, there are many more that can still be saved, and their stories must be told. That's why we created the Blogger's Challenge.

Bloggers are special people. You keep us informed, and help us make decisions. You break stories before mainstream media, and cover important issues that are often overlooked. So take the Blogger's Challenge, add America's mountain majesty to your blog, and help stop mountaintop removal coal mining once and for all!

How to Participate


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Get Videos, Badges, Widgets

We've built some amazing web tools and data mash ups in the last few years. Now its time to use them! At your fingertips are embeddable videos, coal tracking widgets, RSS feeds, and customizable "Spread the Word" widgets. Appalachian communities can't wait for big news outlets to tell their story. Justice must be served, and its up to YOU to tell the world!

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Take action today by joining the Blogger's Challenge. You'll recieve a personalized "Spread the Word" widget for your blog. You'll be able to make a real difference and track your impact on your personalized "Spread the Word" map.

Bloggers Challenge Impact Map

Bloggers are making a BIG difference in the campaign to end mountaintop removal - and here's proof. This map shows bloggers in the Blogger's Challenge by zip code who've pledged to help end mountaintop removal through a personalized blogger's widget.

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Blogger's Sandbox - "Paste a widget, save a mountain!" - by faithfull of DailyKos

You have dozens of widgets and HUNDREDS of videos about mountaintop removal coal mining at your fingertips. Its easy, just:

  1. Join the Blogger's Challenge above
  2. Enter your email address below to grab the code for your personalized "Spread the Word" widgets.
  3. Browse the others widgets for embeddable videos, coal tracking widgets, and Blogosphere RSS feeds.

Once you join the challenge, we can track your impact on the campaign through activity on your personalized "Spread the Word" widgets (below). You instantly get credit for anyone who "Spreads the Word" or joins the Blogger's Challenge from your web page or blog. Don't be afraid, dive in and make a difference.

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