Scientifice studies conclude mountaintop removal must end.

A little mining science fun

with Steven 'Coal' bert

America's funniest faux political pundit wields his satirical silliness to expose the serious issue of mountaintop removal.

No More Excuses!  It's Time to End Mountaintop Removal.

On January 7th, 2010, a dozen prominent scientists published a blockbuster study in the journal Science that confirms what coalfield residents have been saying for years: mountaintop removal's impacts are "pervasive and irreversible," "attempts to regulate [mountaintop removal] practices are inadequate," and that "regulators should no longer ignore rigorous science."

It came just days after the EPA approved the expansion of the largest mountaintop removal mine in West Virginia, a decision that clearly contradicts President Obama's promises to give a science a more prominent role in his Administration.

"It’s about listening to what our scientists have to say, even when it’s inconvenient - especially when it’s inconvenient," President Obama said in a recent interview.

But, according to these top scientists, the inconvient truth is that there is NO scientific justification to continue mountaintop removal coal mining.


Backround info

Mountaintop Mining Consequences - study in the journal Science
Study release press conference - audio

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