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Glen Alum Mountain, WV

High Resolution Historic Image Overlays

Wednesday, March 28th, 2007

People often ask, “Are there pictures of the mountains before mountaintop removal coal mining destroyed them?” Thanks to the United States Geologic Survey and Google Earth, they are right here at your fingertips!
Load image overlay to show Glen Alum Mountain’s terrain before
mountaintop removal coal mining began.

(Download these images by clicking on the pictures below)
Glen Alum Mountain West Virginia 1986 Glen Alum Mountain West Virginia 2003
(image overlay)
(image overlay)

2 Responses to “High Resolution Historic Image Overlays”

  1. Linda Mercury Says:

    I heard about this appalling thing today on my radio in UK and wish to register the strongest complaint against this destruction of beautiful mountains, wherever they are in the world. What is the US thinking of to continue to plunder the world’s resources and now the actual construction of it?

    Do your countrymen think always only of money and big business.
    We are currently paying very heavily in the UK for the blunders your banks have caused but just get on with it and try to survive but to now hear you are destroying the actual land you have been lucky enough to have in the first place is going just that bit TOO FAR.

    I support the people trying to save these mountains but will not be supporting Americans in general as they seem to think they can do exactly what they want with our world if it brings them in some even more money.

    When the last tree has died and the last fish in the ocean is no more man may finally realise you cannot eat money….

    Your country is fast bringing this about and I will not apologise for saying so…….. so good luck to those fighting to stop it happening but shame on those that perpetrate it

    Linda in England (the old country)

  2. Dawn Says:

    I have always been disturbed about the process of mountaintop removal. I found your website and used the trackback process to discover that we have a sad connection to Glen Alum mountain. We live in NC and keep our boat at Belews Lake. Not only that, but my husband grew up in an Eastern KY coal mining town. I have been visiting the mountains of Appalachia since 1971. Although some changes have been made over the years, it is distressing to see how the people and land of this area have been exploited for so long. This mountaintop removal process must be stopped! We must save our land!

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