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Sludge impoundment near Kirk

Kirk, WV

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Laurel Creek residents have vowed to stop the new Consol mine.

It’s hard to say which problem has caused the most concern among the residents of Laurel Creek, like Johnnie Bailey and Esau Canterbury. Was it the rocks – some more than three-feet high -that sailed off the mine site, the dozens of dead fish in the stream, the silt runoff that filled in one end of Laurel Lake, the half-mile wide coal sludge lake looming over the valley, the well water that turned orange, the loss of access to the mountain land, or the mere sight of their mountains being chopped off?

Marrowbone Development/Triad Mining Company has been mining the mountains along the west side of Laurel Creek for nearly a decade. Much of the mountaintop portion of those mines finished a couple of years ago. But deep mining continues.

However, mountaintop mining is far from gone in Laurel Creek. Marrowbone is starting another mine about three miles north of Laurel Lake. And Consol Coal has applied for a permit to mine the mountains on the east side. Laurel Creek residents protested and halted another mine’s plans for those mountains a few years ago. Some have vowed to stop the new Consol mine.

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Story and photo contributed by distinguished author Penny Loeb,

Help the People in this Community Stop the Destruction


HELP SPREAD THE WORD — Join thousands who are standing up against the destruction of Appalachian mountains and communities and who are helping to spread awareness of the other inconvenient truth about coal: mountaintop removal.
THEY’RE BLOWING UP OUR MOUNTAINS AND THERE OUGHT TO BE A LAW! Ask your representative to support the Clean Water Protection Act – a bill that would curtail mountaintop removal and protect clean water for millions of Americans.
TELL YOUR ELECTRICITY PROVIDER — “NOT IN MY NAME!” — Click on this link, submit your zip code and choose “Take Action” where you can print out a letter – tailored to your own electricity provider – asking them not to do business with companies engaged in mountaintop removal strip mining.
heart DONATE WHERE IT’S NEEDED MOST — The most immediate way to help the people fighting to save their homes and mountains near Kirk is to support Ohio Valley Environmental Coalition. OVEC is dedicated to maintaining a diverse grassroots organization for the improvement and preservation of the environment through education, grassroots organizing and coalition building, leadership development and media outreach. Click here to donate to OVEC.

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  1. Paula Bienenfeld Says:

    This is a great website and I have passed it on via email to many of my friends and neighbors. I found out about it by reading the article on Thursday in the WSJ.

  2. Nick Engelfried Says:

    Good site! I’m going to make use of this information.

  3. deb cinamon whalen Says:

    I am spreading the word about MTR in New Hampshire.

  4. tina davis Says:

    what can one say after learning that the power i use comes from destroying where i call home. i am speading the word to all my friends here, and will definantly be learning and doing what i can do here.
    many prayers and blessings,
    tina davis
    alexandria, la

  5. Kathy Johnston Says:

    Please earnestly support S696, HR1310, & 2169.

    Encourage President Obama to undue the damage that the Bush administration has caused.

    Reclaim YOUR American heritage.
    Reclaim YOUR mountains.

    Join Me —
    Kathy A. Johnston,
    Tulsa, OK

    Thank You.

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