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128,311 people have already pledged to help end mountaintop removal.
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Bob White, WV

Help people in this community stop the devastation
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Help the People in this Community Stop the Destruction


HELP SPREAD THE WORD — Join thousands who are standing up against the destruction of Appalachian mountains and communities and who are helping to spread awareness of the other inconvenient truth about coal: mountaintop removal.
THEY’RE BLOWING UP OUR MOUNTAINS AND THERE OUGHT TO BE A LAW! Ask your representative to support the Clean Water Protection Act – a bill that would curtail mountaintop removal and protect clean water for millions of Americans.
TELL YOUR ELECTRICITY PROVIDER — “NOT IN MY NAME!” — Click on this link, submit your zip code and choose “Take Action” where you can print out a letter – tailored to your own electricity provider – asking them not to do business with companies engaged in mountaintop removal strip mining.
heart DONATE WHERE IT’S NEEDED MOST — The most immediate way to help the people fighting to save their homes and mountains near Bob White is to support Ohio Valley Environmental Coalition. OVEC is dedicated to maintaining a diverse grassroots organization for the improvement and preservation of the environment through education, grassroots organizing and coalition building, leadership development and media outreach. Click here to donate to OVEC.

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  1. Melissa Courtney Says:

    Doing a mock policy briefing for my Natural Resource Policy class on mountain top removal

  2. brad wells Says:

    what a vicious circle. family bought the land with money from a coal mine only to have that land destroyed by a coal mine.

  3. Nina Johnson Says:

    Just watched “Burning The Future: Coal In America, which was on the Sundance Channel. Makes you want to cry. I want to help but don’t know how.

  4. Matthew Collins Says:

    I am a native of Northern Kentucky,however I have been living in the R.O.C. Taiwan for more than 6 years now. I am studying a masters in ecotourism at the national university of Tainan City Taiwan. My professors have asked me to discuss and introduce nature/ecotourism in the US and naturally I began looking at Kentucky. I considered the recreational use of natural forest resources as an alternative to traditional extraction of primary resources – lumber and minerals – I feel shocked at the magnitude and ruthlessness of the destruction occurring in the Appalachia.

  5. William Dodd Says:

    For Maria Gunnoe…
    I just saw the film “Burning our Future” on Sundance. I had the pleasure of visiting your area in Nov. ’07. I work with Oak, Birch, Hickory sustainable Hardwood Flooring. I really was awestruck on how beautiful the Appalachian Mountain Range is, when the fall colors were visible. I believe it is completely appalling what is happening to your area. How did the coal industry thrive before leveling mountaintops? By employing hard working men and women through less invasive methods. Maybe the fat-cat execs of the coal industry should worry less about profits and stick to more traditional ways. This would employ more miners as before. Couldn’t your team truck some coal slurry or black well water to their Penthouse’s in New York? If it’s collateral damage, why can’t they share in the experience that you folks in West Virginia are forced to live with? I appreciated your efforts very much and wish you, your family, loved ones, and neighbors the very best. Although I lived and work up here in Washington State, I will be keeping a very close eye on your plight. My e-mail contact is listed and I would be interested in getting any updates or donation information forwarded to

    Good luck and God bless,

    William Dodd
    Snohomish, WA

  6. Kathy Johnston Says:

    Please earnestly support S696, HR1310, & HR2169.
    Thank you.

  7. Richard Lupson Says:

    I was raised in WV and my family still live there. I love visiting and still call it home. The beauty of the mountains still give me goosebumps and the devastation going on is heart breaking. Please keep up the good work and save the gift that only God could have created.

  8. Thomas Thonpson Says:

    Another huge benefit to not burning coal is that we can stop decapitating our mountains. I believe this practice to be a heinous act against nature and a scourge to people currently living in those areas and to future generations. Also, we can worry less about all the toxic materials stored in huge retention ponds with earthen dams that have failed many times, releasing the toxic materials into the local environment and water supply.

  9. Tracy Turner Says:

    The mountaintop miners say, “show us an alternative”… Grow Olive Tree Bio-Diesel. Plant a tree once, harvest Olives to make diesel for 300-400 years.

    There’s an alternative, but it takes hard work and planning, not just running a bulldozer.

  10. Laura Jennings Says:

    Trying to find a video from Sundance Channel documentary about this topic.

  11. Valerie Jenner Says:

    We have been installing solar solutions since 1985 and are confused by the dominance of coal since new real time metrics demonstrate solar is practical and affordable. We are working hard to bring and renewable solution to those who really want to be the change and stop the suffering. Sincerely from Michigan.

  12. Randy TaTe Says:

    Return of the Home Land. Let’s deal with getting our land back for the people, the animals, and our claim to the natural resources to stop the destruction. You can make a difference by signing today!! Sign and Share!!

    Principal Chief Randy TwoBears Standing TaTe

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